page3-img1 Qualifications
1. Income to be 3 times the rent
2. Debt to income ratio & credit score
3. Acceptable landlord and credit references
4. No evictions within last 10 years

Necessary Papers
Application available by email
1. CAR Rental Application to be completed and signed by all tenants 18 and older.
2. Three most current bank statements
3. Three most recent pay stubs or Proof of Income, Self Employed 2 years Income Tax Returns, &
Other forms may be required

Processing Fee
Cash, Cashier’s Check or Money Order Only.
$35.00 for any individual 18 and over

Photo of pet is required
When a Pet is considered for a property they will be approved at the sole discretion of the individual owners.


Are held responsible for the rent the entire time the tenant remains at the property

Rent Payment Method
Cashier’s check, Money orders or Direct Deposit


All Properties Are On A Twelve Month Lease

Shorter Leases must be approved by the individual owners