Property Management:

Crown Jewel Real Estate is a member of AAGIE/CAA and is CCRM certified. Effective management is the key to successful residential real estate investments. CCRM managers are kept up to date with current rental laws in order to protect their investors. CCRM provides judicious comprehensive training specific to the regulations of California. CCRM managers are trained to efficiently and effectively manage rental properties.

We offer a flexible array of services: tenant placement, monthly management, or full service (including both tenant placement and monthly management).


There are no up-front fees! You pay once we find you a qualified tenant.

If you then opt for monthly management, you can choose either a flat low monthly fee or a modest monthly management fee based on your properties monthly rent, whichever you are more comfortable with.

Our fees and service options are designed to maximize your investment and minimize your worries.


Excellent Services:
Tenants have access to someone 24 hours a day along with online repair requests, allowing for prompt and efficient resolution of any issues. Exterior inspections are done periodically and interior inspections are done according to Fair Housing Laws. Yearly rental surveys are completed to assure you are always getting fair market value for your property.


Leasing & Marketing to Maximize Exposure:
All contracts are done on the Department Of Real Estate Forms (CAR) or CAA approved forms. Rentals are marketed on the MLS to increase exposure thus routed to an endless number of websites. Marketing is done according to the latest state of the art techniques.


We make every effort to satisfy you and your tenant. Happy tenants mean low turnover.

Low turn over + low maintenance cost = $$$$$$ in your pocket